Theme 4 exercise: FUNCTIONS.

If Excel2003 is not open, open it in order to perform the following exercises.

Ejercicio 1: Venta frutas

1 Open the Fruit sales workbook in the My documents folder of the hard drive.

2 Modify the formula in cell H5 to use the SUM function.

3 Write €/KG in cell I4, in J4, VAT in K4, and P.V.P in L4.

4 Write 1,5 in cell I5, which will be the price per kilo of strawberries.

5 Write 2,1 in cell I5, 1,65 in I7, 0,9 in I8, 1,68 in I9, 2,16 in I10, 0,87 in I11, and 2,4 in I12.

6 Write in cell J5 the formula that calculates for us the amount of strawberries sold by way of price per kilo.

7 Write VAT: in cell A14.

8 Write 16% in cell B14, which is the VAT that we need to apply to the fruit.

9 Write the formula of the VAT for the price in € of the strawberries in cell K5.

10 Write the formula to obtain the price including VAT of the starwberries in cell L5.

11 Save our model with the same name that it had.

12 Close the book.


Exercise 2: Precipitations.

1 Start a new workbook.

2 Create a model with which to obtain a series of statistics about the days with rainfall in various cities during 1999. Below you have the model, keep in mind that cells with a blue colour contain a folrmula.


We have only performed the formulas for January and for Madrid, but don't worry, we will finish it later.

3 Save the book in the My documents folder of the hard drive, naming it Precipitations.

4 Close the book.


If you are unsure of how to perform any of the operations in the previous exercises, we will explain them Here.


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