1 Please, open Excel in order to do the following exercises.

2 Using a key combination go to cell B1, and then to B2, C2, C1,y B1.

3 Using the menus bar go to cell AB200, and then to C3, B99 y P87.

4 Using a key combination go directly to cell A1, and then to A65536, IV65536 and IV1.

5 Using the scroll bars available go to cell K80, and then to B45 and T120.

6 Change sheet, go to Sheet 3, and then to Sheet 2

7 Using a key combination change to the next sheet (Sheet3), and then to the previous sheet (Sheet2).

8 Go to cell A1 of Sheet1.

9 Type the figure 100.

10 Type 200 in the cell B1.

11 Multiply the content of cell A1 by the content of cell B1 and type the result in cell D1.

12 Modify the value of cell A1 into 2.

Notice the result in cell D1.

13 Type the text This is a test in cell A3.

14 Type 30 in cell B3.

What happens to cell A3 contents?

15 Type the figure 458962547896523648 in cell A5

What has happened?

16 Close the book without saving changes.


If you are not sure how to do these exercises, please click Here and we will help you to do them.



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