Step by step exercise. Sheet formats.



Practice the different sheet operations available in Excel2003.


Step by step exercise.


1 If Excel2003 is not open, open it in order to perform the exercise.

2 Start a new workbook..

Our workbook has 3 sheets, named Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3. If we work with various sheets in the same workbook it is in our interest to change the name of each sheet so as to be able to quickly and easily identify each sheet.


We will start by changing the name of Sheet1 to Semester1, using the menu:

3 Situate yourself in Sheet1.

4 Select the Format menu.

5 Select the Sheet option.

Another submenu will open.

6 Select the Rename option.

The name of the sheet in the tags appears marked, waiting for you to write a new name .

7 Write the new name as Semester1.

8 Press ENTER.

Observe the result.


We will now name Sheet2 Semester2, but without using the menu:

9 Double-click on the name of Sheet2 in the sheet's tags.


The name of the sheet in the tags appears marked, waiting for you to write a new name

10 Write the new name as Semester2.

11 Press ENTER.

Observe the result.


The colour of the tag can also be changed to be able to differentiate between them more easily, lets try this now:

12 Select the Semester1 sheet and drop down the Format menu.

13 Select the Sheet option, and then from the drop down submenu that opens select Tag color, and then select green.

We will now change the colorof the Semester2 sheet using the contextual menu.

14 Right-click over the Semester2 sheet and select the Tag color option.

15 Select Blue and clic OK.

16 Close the book without saving the changes.


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