Step by step exercise. Format changes



Practice the different cell format options in Excel2003.


Step by step exercise.


1 If Excel2003 is not open, open it in order to perform the exercise.

We are going to create a sheet like the one we have in the Deleted book in the course's Exercises folder.

2 Start a new book.

3 Situate yourself in cell A1 and write DELETED FROM CELLS.

4 Situate yourself in cell A2 and write Text.

5 Write Number in cell A3.

6 Select the range A2:A3 .

7 Drop down the Format menu.

8 Select the Cells... option.

9 Click on the Alignment tab.

10 Select the Center option from the Horizontal alignment box.

11 Click on OK.

12 Write This is a test in cell A4.

13 Situate yourself in cell C3 and write Attention with the deleted.

14 Change the size of the font in cell A1 to 16 points, and make it bold using the and the buttons.

15 Put a fill color for the range A2:A3. Select the range and use .

16 Place a double blue line outline around the range B6:D6 .

Select the range.

Open the Format cells dialogue box.

Select the Color blue in the Borders tab, with a double line, and select the Outline button.

17 Make cell A4 bold and size 12 using the buttons and .

18 Write AAA in B5, and BBB in C5.

19 Write 1000,25 in B6, 0,15 in C6, and =B6*C6 in D6.

20 Make the the format in cell B6 Currency with 2 decimals using the icon, in cell C6 the Percentage format using the icon, and in cell D6 Number with 2 decimals diminishing the number of decimals with the icon.

21 Center cell C5 using the button.

22 Make cell B5 cursive using the button.

23 Save the workbook, naming it Deleted2, in the My documents folder of the hard drive.

24 Close the workbook.

If you want you can repeat the exercise without using the buttons on the toolbar, and rather using the options in the Format cells dialogue box.

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