Step by step exercise. Deleting cells.



Differentiate between, and use the different cell deleting options in Excel2003.


Step by step exercise.


1 If Excel2003 is not open, open it in order to perform the exercise. If it is the first time you do this exercise, download this file exercises.rar and extract the folder Exercises.

2 Open the Deleted.xls book you will find in Exercises folder, and save it as Deleted in the My documents folder.

We will now try the various ways to delete.

3 Select cell C3.

4 Depress the DEL key.

Observe how the contents of the cell have been erased but not the format.

5 Select cell A3.

6 Drop down the Edit menu.

7 Select the Clear option, and if it is not visible situate yourself over the button to extend the menu and the desired option will then appear.

8 Select the Contents option

Observe how we get the same result as when we use the DEL key, we only delete the contents, the format eg. background colour staying the same.

9 Click on the botón deshacer button on the toolbar to undo the last operation performed.

The eliminated text will reappear.

10 Select the range A2:A3 .

11 Drop down the Edit menu.

12 Select the Clear option.

13 Select Formats.

Observe how the text now stays, and only the aspect has changed, that is, the background colour.

14 Clic on the botón deshacer button on the toolbar to undo the last operation performed.

15 Select the range A2:A3.

16 Drop down the Edit menu.

17 Select the Clear option.

18 Select All.

Now the contents and the formula have been erased.

19 Select cell C6.

20 Delete the format only.

Observe how the Percentage format has been erased as well as the borders, as all the options in the Format cells dialog box have been deleted.

21 Click on the botón deshacer button on the toolbar to undo the last operation performed.

22 Select cell D6 and delete the contents only.

23 Write 2000 in cell D6.

Observe how it conserves the Currency format, and only the contents have been erased.

24 Select cell D6 if it is not already selected.

25 Delete All.

26 Write 1000 in cell D6 .

Observe how neither the Currency format nor the border is assigned.

27 Click on the botón deshacer button on the toolbar until you return to cell D6 with 2.000,00€.

If we want to delete some format in a cell but not all we can not use the cell delete options, but we need to delete the formats from the Format cells dialogue box. Eg, we are going to erase the Currency format and conserve the border:

28 Select cell D6.

29 Drop down the Format menu.

30 Select the Cells... option

31 Go to the Number tab.

32 Select the General category.

33 Click on the OK button.

Observe the result.

34 Save the workbook in the My documents folder of the hard drive, naming it Deleted.

35 Close the worbook.

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