Step by step exercise. Date and time functions



To practise the use of date and time functions in Excel2003


Step by step exercise


1 Please, open Excel2003, if it isn't already opened, so you can do the exercise.

2 Go to cell A1 and press on , select date and time category and choose function NOW().

3 Press the button OK.

A dialog box indicating that the function has no arguments will appear.

4 Press again on OK.

4 Go to B2 and type today's date in figures. Ex. 5

5 Go to cell B3 and type the current month in figures. Ex. 8

6 Go to cell B4 and type the current year in figures. Ex. 2004

7 Go to cell C5 and press on , choose function DATE() and press the button OK,

8 Select as arguments cells B4 --> for year, B3 --> for month and B2 --> for day, press OK.

You are going to calculate your age.

9 Go to cell D1 and type your date of birth in format (day/month/year)

10 In cell E1 type =TODAY()

11 In cell E2 select function DAYS360, as initial date cell D1 (date of birth), as final date E1 (today) and in method type True.

The result shows the number of days gone by since the date D1 and the date E1.

12 Now in cell F3 type =E2/360 to obtain the years.

The result shows decimal fractions, to get an integer number we can use the function =INT(E2/360).

We have used four of the most commonly used functions that offer many possibilities.

13 Save your workbook in My documents folder in the hard disc with the name Functions with dates.

14 Close the workbook.

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