Step by step exercise. Operations with files.



To practise all the different operations on files (workbooks) with Excel2003.


Step by step exercise.


1 Please, open Excel, if it isn't already opened.

2 Go to cell A1 and type Operations with files test in Excel2003.

3 Type The first method is save as in cell A3.

Let us suppose that now you want to save the book in the folder My documents of the hard disc and to asign it the name Tests .

4 Select the menu File..

5 Choose the option Save as...

You will see the dialoge box Save as

Notice that in the Save as box the folder My documents will be displayed, this is where you want to save your workbook. 

If you don't want to save the book in that folder, you will have to click on the arrow on the right so that the disc unit or the folder you wish, are displayed below. Then to save your workbook in the folder you want just double click on it and it will open.

We are going to use the folder My documents.

6 Type Tests in the text box File name.

Excel will asign it by default the name Book1, Book2,... according to the book in which you are. 

Notice that in the Save file as type box says Microsoft Excel Book , this means that the book will be asigned automatically extension XLS. This must never be changed.

7 Click on the button Save.

The book will be saved in My documents folder, and its name will be displayed now on the title bar.

Let's continue working with this workbook.

8 Type The second method is save in cell A5.

9 Select the menu File.

10 Choose option Save.

It may seem that no operation has been performed, but the whole workbook has been saved with the name Tests , and in the folder My documents .

11 Type You can also save with the tool bar button in cell A6.

12 Click on the button Save botón guardar on the tool bar. 

We have perform an identical operation to the previous one with option Save of the File menu.

If we don't want to continue working with this workbook, we will have to close it.

13 Please, select the File menu.

14 Choose option Close. If it is not in the menu, go to the dropdown button to display it.

Now the document won't be on the screen.

Let's retrieve the document.

15 Please, select the File menu.

16 Choose option Open...

The dialge box Open will be displayed.

17 Type in the Look in text box the folder where it is the workbook you want to retrieve, by default, it will say My documents.

It is the same as when we save the book. If the book is not in that folder, click on the arrow on the right to choose another unit in the disc or anothe folder. If the book is in a folder displayed at the bottom, just double click on it to open it.

18 Once the folder with the book is opened, this will be displayed at the bottom. Select it clicking on it and you will see the name appear in the text box File name.

19 Click on the button Open.

The book will appear again on the screen.

Let us go back to our work, bur not using the menu.

20 Click on the button closebotón cerrar in the menu bar.

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