Step by step exercise. Introducing data (II)

Step by step exercise.


21 Without moving the cell, write 0 12/12.

22 Press ENTER

Excel automaticall calculates the value of the fraction. If the result corresponds to an integer number, Excel will put this value in the cell and in the Formula bar.

23 Situate yourself in cell A11 and write 0 1/3

24 Press ENTER

Excel writes the fraction (1/3 in the cell, but the final result of the fraction appears in the Formula bar (0,33333333333).

25 Situate yourself in cell A12 and write 0 12/24.

26 Press ENTER

In case of being able to simplify the fraction, Excel will automatically do this to show it in the cell, that is, the simplified fraction will be put in the cell (1/2), and in the Formula bar the result of the fration (0,5).

27 Situate yourself in cell B1 and write 1/1/1900

28 Press ENTER

This is a date type data. Notice how it is aligned to the left when introduced into the cell, just as with numbers.

29 Situate yourself in cell B2 and write 12-12-1900

30 Press ENTER

You can see the dd/mm/yy format is assigned by default when it is introduced into the cell, that is, two digits for the day, two for the month, and two for the year, all seperated by a leaning bar.

31 Situate yourslef in cell B3 and write 1/1/2000

32 Press ENTER

It may seem that Excel does not distinguish between centuries with the default format, but we will see ahead that it in fact does distinguish, but is just not always shown this way, and if we look at the Formula bar we see that the contents are still 1/1/2000/


33 Situate yourslf in cell B4 and write 12/13/1994

34 Press ENTER

As month 13 does not exist, Excel introduces the date as if it were text and not a date, and this is why it is aligned to the left.

35 Situate yourself in cell B5 and write 30-02-1994

36 Press ENTER

As this is also an erroneous date Excel introduces it as text too.

37 Situate yourself in cell B6 and write 12-MAY.

38 Press ENTER

Excel will place the introduced date into the cell, but only using the first three characters of the month. The date will also be added to the formula bar with the dd-mm-yyyy format, taking the year from the computer system.

39 Situate yourself in cell B7 and write 12-may-1995

40 Press ENTER

The date introduced will appear in the cell with two digits for the day, the first three characters for the month, and two for the year.

41 Situate yourself in cell B8 and write may-1995

42 Press ENTER

The first three characters of the month and two for the year will appear, and in the Formula bar the introduced date will appear taking 1 as the day.

43 Situate yourself in cell C1 and write 0:0

44 Press ENTER

This is a time type data. It is also automatically aligned to the right.

45 Situate yourself in cell C2 and write 12:30:12

46 Press ENTER

47 Situate yourself in cell C3 and write 22:12

48 Press ENTER

49 Situate youself in cell C4 and write 10 pm

50 Press ENTER

10:00 pm will appear in the cell, but in the formula bar the time will appear as 22:00:00.

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