Step by step exercise. Introducing data



To practise the introduction of the differeent types of data in Excel2003, including values and formulas.


Step by step exercise.


We are going to start with constant values.

1 Please, open now Excel2003, if is not already opened, so you can perform the exercise.

2 Go to cell A1 and type 1995

3 Press key ENTER

This data is a figure and by default is aligned to the right.

4 Go to cell A2 and type 1.995 and press key ENTER

Figures can be typed with or without the dot for thousands. Excel will still align them to the right.

5 Go to cell A3 and type 1995,12


Excel by default admits a coma "," as a decimal sign and it will operate accordingly. Notice also that when you press ARROW DOWN, as with the key ENTER, you will introduce the value of A3 and automatically the cursor will go to the cell below.

7 Type 12345678901234 in cell A4


If the number does not fit in the cell, Excel will display in exponent format and will be displayed as 1,23457E+13 which equals 1,234567*1013.

9 Type -2950 in cell A5

10 Press ENTER

To introduce a negative value just type the sign "-" before the figure.

11 Go to cell A6 and type (2950)

12 Press ENTER

Excel will read it as a negative figure too and will modify it to -2950 both in the cell and the formulas bar.

13 Go to cell A7 and type 12%

14 Press ENTER

Excel also allows you to introduce a figure as a percentage, really 12% equals 0,12.

15 Go to cell A8 and type 12,7%

16 Press ENTER

Excel also admits decimal fractions in percentages, but in the cell it will assign two digits for decimal fraccions.

17 Go to cell A9 and type 1200€

18 Press ENTER

Excel will display in the cell the value as it was introduced, adding the thousands dot. But in the formulas bar the value will be 1200, remenber that in order to check the value in the formulas bar you just have go back to the cell and look at the formulas bar. The monetary symbol (€) must be typed correctly, otherwise Excel will take it for text data and align it to the left.

19 Go to cell A10 and type 12/12

20 Press ENTER

We wanted to introduce the fraction 12/12, but Excel has taken it for a date and displays as such. In order to introduce a fraction you must type 0 and a space before. Without the space Excel will take it for text.

The value introduced is incorrect, in order to substitute it for another value just go to the cell to intruduce the correct value


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