Step by step exercise. Movement in a workbook.



To use the movement methods within a workbook, so we can go anywhere in it in the quickest and simplest way


Step by step exercise.


1 Open Excel2003, if is not already opened, so you can check all our instructions.

We will begin by the labels bar.

When we begin we are in cell A1 of Sheet 1.

2 Click on the tab Sheet 2 of your workbook.

Notice that now that the tab is highlighted indicating that we are in that sheet.

3 Click on the tab Sheet 1 to return to the first sheet.

We can not test the buttons on the labels bar because all the sheets in the book fit in the bar. But we will see how to add sheets to a workbook in later themes and then we will be able to test them.


Now we are going to use the keys on the keyboard.

4 Press the key combination CTRL+ PAGE UP (that is, press and hold the key CTRL on the keyboard and press the key PAGE UP).

Notice that with this key combination we go to the following sheet, that is, Sheet 2.

5 Press again CTRL+PAGE DOWN

Notice the result

6 Now press the key combination CTRL+PAGE UP .

Notice that with this key combination we go to the previous sheet.

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