Unit 1. Basic. Compaginating Excel sessions

Here we will explain to you how to keep the screen divided in two parts, one with the course session, the other with Excel2003

The course session is open, since you are reading these lines.

Open Excel2003 session

Press with the right button on an empty part of the task bar, in the lower part of the screen.

Choose option Vertical Mosaic.

You will observe that the screen has been divided in two parts, as in the image below:


compaginar ventanas

Once we have both sessions in the desire size, you wil only have to click with the mouse to move from one to the other.

To return to normal window size, click on the button Maximize boton maximizar.

This works well with large monitors (17" or more), with small monitors you may prefer window normal size and pass from one window to the other using the keys Alt + tab (keeping Alt pressed, press tab key).

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