Theme 9. Advanced. More Spelling Correction options (II)

Adding a new word to the dictionary


In order to add a new word to the dictionary we need to first open the spelling revision, and to do this we select the Spelling option from the Tools menu.

We can also click on the botón ortografía button, or press F7.


Select the Add to dictionary option from the window. The word will be added to the dictionary that we have created or selected in the previous part.


Smart tags


Smart tags allow us to perform tasks that usually we will do using other programs.

A clear example of the utility of smart tags is with eMail addresses. We can add an eMail address to the Outlook program without needing to copy the information from Excel after opening Outlook and adding the new contact.

In order to be able to use smart tags we need to activate them, for this, follow these next steps:

Drop down the Tools menu and select the Autocorrect options option.

Click on the Smart tags tab.

Activate the Label data with smart tags box.

More smart tags can be added to the list by pressing on the More smart tags button. The Microsoft web page will open where you can download more smart tags.You will of course need to be online.


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