Theme 9. Advanced. More Spelling Correction options (I)

Excel permits us to create our own dictionary and also to add new words to an existing dictionary, whether it be one we created ourselves or one of the dictionaries incorporated in Excel.

Create a new dictionary


To create a new dictionary we need to first open the spelling revision, and for this we select the Tools menu, and then the Spelling option.

Or, you can click on the botón corrección button, or press F7.

The Spelling dialog box will open:


If we clic on the Options... button the window seen below will appear.


From the drop down list of the Dictionary language option we can select the dictionary that we wish to use to correct our document (English, Spanish, French, etc).

In the Add words to: drop down list we can select the dictionary that we wish to add the new words to, and in the case of wanting to create a new dictionary you need only write the name of the new dictionary. In our case we have created a dictionary named "custom". As you can see, dictionaries are saved with a .DIC extension .


Once the dictionary has been created click on OK.


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