Unit 8. Advanced. Copy a worksheet

Copy a sheet.


menú Edición - Mover o copiar hoja...It may be that we do not wish to change the position of a sheet, but rather to copy it to another book or to another place in the same book. As in moving a sheet, we can use any one of three methods.

The first method consists of using the menu:

Once situated in the sheet to copy.

Select the Edit menu.

Select the Move or Copy... option.



mover o copiarThe same dialog box will appear as when moving a sheet (explained in the previous part).


In the To book box, click on the arrow for the drop down list where we select the workbook that we want to move it to. (In order to move it to another book both books need to be open before entering into this operation).


In the Before sheet box, select the sheet that will be to the right of the moved sheet.


Click on the Create a copy box to activate it, if you do not mark this box we will only be moving the sheet and not copying it.

Click on OK.


The second method is very quick and easy if we want to copy the sheet within the same workbook.

Situate yourself in the sheet to copy.

Press the CTRL key.

Maintaining CTRL depressed, click on the tab of the sheet to copy and drag till the position we want it copied to.

Once we are situated where we want to copy the sheet to, release the mouse button and then the CTRL key.


menú contextual The third method consists of using the contextual menu.


Situate yourself over the tag of the sheet to move.

Right click on the mouse, a contextual menu will unfold.

Select the Move or copy... option.

The following steps to follow are the same as those explained in the first method of this part..



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