Unit 7. Advanced. Hiding and showing rows

We will look at the possibility of hiding files so that they are not visualized whilst at the same time not losing their contents. This is usually done with data not indispensable while working with the worksheet, or simply because they contain intermediate formulas that will be seen again furthar on.


Hide rows

The hiding of the rows is another of the options that can be very usefull, when, for example, intermediate formulas appear in a row that we are not interested in seeing once we have concluded the sheet. In this case we do not want the rows with intermediate formulas to appear, but we can not erase them as the calculation sheet needs them for its operations.


ocultar filasThe steps are as follows

Select the rows to hide.

Drop down the Format menu.

Select the Row option.

Another submenu will appear.

Select the Hide option.



Unhide rows


If we want to unhide rows that are hidden, eg to alter an intermediate calculation formula:

Select in which rows or columns the hidden rows are found. That is, if we want to unhide rows 4 and 5, we need to select rows 3 to 6. Be aware that the range needs to be adjacent, that is, dragging from 3 to 6 never with CTRL, because if not the rows to show will not be included in the selection to show.


mostrar filas Next we select the Row option from the Format menu.

Another submenu appears.

Select the Unhide option.

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