Unit 5. Auto Fill

We are going to handle a very usefull Excel2003 tool, in this case the auto fill which allows us to save time when creating a worksheet.


Fill box


When we have a cell or a range of cells selected, we will see that a small black box appears in the bottom right corner of the selection, the fill controller that serves us to copy the selection in adjacent cells.


If we are copying a formula or a value ie. a normal copy, there still exist various series of dates, hours, or months that modify the normal copy operation.


Eg if we copy a cell whose contents are January, in the adjacent cells the copied cells will continue the sequence, February, March, ...


If on the other hand we copy a cells whose contents is a date like 22/07/68, the copied cells will continue the series of dates, 23/07/68 , 24/07/68 ,...


The same occurs with hours, if we copy a cell where the hour is 10:00, the copied cells follow 11:00 , 12:00 ,....

When we copy dates the fill options will be as follows:


There also exists another series which could be numeric.

Eg, lets suppose that in cell A1 we have the value 1, and in B1 the value 2, we select the two cells and with the fill controller we copy the cells to the right, then the adjacent cells will be 3, 4, 5,...


If we write 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 2, and we copy like this, the adjacent cells will follow with the paired numbers..

When we copy a numeric series, the fill options include Fill series and Fill months.

To understand these better it is good to try them.

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