Theme 4. Advanced. Analysis Toolpack

We are going to look at how to install an analysis toolpack.


Installling the Analysis Toolpack


Th Analysis toolpack is directed at persons that want to extract the most they can from Excel, with specific functions for subjects such as education, investigation, business, engineering, statistics, etc.

complementosThe pack is not automatically installed by default as most users have no use for it. To install it we need to go to Tools and then select Add-ins..., a dialog box will appear with the various extensions in Excel.


We need to mark Analysis toolpack and Analysis toolpack - VBA, and clic OK.

A message will appear indicating that this function is not installed, and we will be asked if we want to install. We need to select Yes. We need to introduce the Microsoft Office 2003 CD into the CD-ROM and start the installation.

Using the Analysis Toolpack


Once the Analysis Toolpack is installed, to access it we need to go to the Tools menu and select Data analysis..., a dialogue box will appear (as seen below) where we can select the option that interests us most.

análisis datos

To know more about each analysis function we can select it and clic on Help.

Besides these tools in the functions section it will have installed new, and more technical functions like Engineering, Date and Time, Finance, etc, into each category.

Each and every one of these has its own help menu which explains its functionality, and usually come with an example included.


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