Working with other functions (I)

Mathematic and trigonometric functions:

ABS (number) function

Returns the absolute value of a number, that is, the same number but with a positive sign

Example: =ABS(-34) returns 34


RAND () function

Returns a number between 0 and 1.

Example: =RAND() returns 0,345511245


COMBIN (number;number_chosen) function

Returns the number of combinations for a given number of items. Use COMBIN to determine the total possible number of groups for a given number of items.

Example:We have 20 students in the class and we want to form couples (of 2..), lets see how many possible combinations of couples we have, so we write =COMBIN(20;2) in cell A5, and we receive 190 as a result, that is, we can make 190 different different combinations of couples.


COS (number) function

Returns the cosine of an angle.

Example: =COS(0) returns 1


INT (number) function

Rounds a number down to the nearest integer

Example: =INT(10.45) returns 10, but if we write =INTEGER(-8.42) returns -9


EXP (number) function

Returns e raised to the power of a given number

Example: =EXP(1) returns 2,718281828


FACT (number) function

Returns the factorial of a number

Example: =FACT(5) returns 120 --> 1*2*3*4*5.



Converts an arabic numeral to roman, as text.


The form parameter can have the following values.

0 or omitted - Classic

1 - More concise

2 - More concise

3 - More concise

4 - Simplified

TRUE - Classic

FALSE - Simplified


Example: =ROMAN(2049;0) returns MMXLIX, but if we write =ROMAN(2049;4) returns MMIL


PI () function

Returns the value of pi, precise to 15 digits

Example: =PI() returns 3,141592654


POWER (number;power) function

Returns the result of a number raised to a power indicated

Exampl: =POWER(2;5) returns 32




Multiplies its arguments

Example: =PRODUCT(20;4) returns 80


SQRT (number) function

Returns a positive square root

Example: =SQRT(25) returns 5


RESIDUO??? function(número;núm_divisor)

Returns the rest of the division

Example:: =RESIDUO(26;5) returns 1

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