Text functions (I)

CHAR(number) Function

It returns the character specified by the corresponding code number in the ASCII character code.

Example: =CHAR(76) returns L


CODE(text) Function

This function returns the ASCII code of the text first character passed as parametre.

Example: =CODE("L") returns 76


CONCATENATE(text1;text2;...;textN) Function

Returns a chain of characters with the union of text passed as parametre. This function is useful when we have a text like a person's complete name that is divided into different cells and we want to have it all in one cell.

Example: =CONCATENATE("Antonio ";"Gutierrez ";"Fernandez " ) returns Antonio Gutierrez Fernandez



Rounds (up or down) a number passed as parametre to the decimals indicated and returns the result in text format. The last option is a logical parametre (TRUE, FALSE), if it is omitted it takes a FALSE value, it will show the dots that separate the thousands.

Example: =FIXED(4005,75;3) returns 4.005,750 y =FIXED(4005,75;3;TRUE) returns 4005,750



It returns the text chain, the number of characters especified starting the count from the end of the text.

Example: =RIGHT("Blessed be those who study Excel...";12) returns "udy Excel..."


SEARCH(find_text;within_text;start_num) Function

Returns the initial position of the text searched inside a text, starting the search form position numb_initial. In contrast with the FIND function it distinguishes capital from small letters and does not admit joker characters.

Example: =SEARCH("Wally";He's alsways looking for new adventures this Wally and always lost, please, help me to find him";1)

returns 40, which is the position where the word Wally begins.


TRIM(text) Function

Returns the same text but getting rid of spaces that are not single spaces between words.

Example: =TRIM("At a certain place   in La Mancha...") returns "At a certain place in La Mancha..."



Returns the characters indicated in a text chain from the initial position.

Example: =MID("Watching the sea, an intense emotion takes hold of me...";12;3) returns "sea"

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