Date and time functions (II)

HOUR Function(serial_number)

It returns the time in figures from 0 to 23

Example: =HOUR(0,15856) returns 3.


TIMEVALUE Function(time_text)

It converts an hour in text in an Excel numerical value for an hour.

Example: =TIMEVALUE("12:35:20") returns 0,5245...

Note:   To see the number as an hour (12:35:20), remember that you have to select the cell and in the Format menu, click Cells, and in the tab * Number select Hour in the box Category .


TODAY() Function

It returns the current date in date format.

Example: =TODAY() returns 09/09/2004.


MONTH(serial_number) Function

It returns the month number in the range 1 (January) to 12 (December) according to the numrical value passed by the paremetre.

Example: =MONTH(35400) returns 12.


MINUTE(serial_number) Function

It returns the minute in the range 0 to 59 according to the numerical value passed as parametre.

Example: =MINUTE("16:20:00") returns 20.


TIME(time;minute;second) Function

It converts hours, minutes and seconds given as figures in an Excel numerical value in hour format.

Example: =TIME(16;20;00) returns 0,64.


SECOND(serial_number) Function

It returns the second in 0 to 59 range according to numerical value passed as parametre.

Example: =SECOND("12:20:40") returns 40.




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