Unit 3. Advance. More options in creating a workbook

We are going to become familiar and use with more precission the options available in Excel2003 for the creation of a workbook, for example, the use of templates as models that can be used to create workbooks.


Using templates


A templateç is a model that can be used as the basis for many spreadsheets. It can iclude both data and formats.

To create a workbook using templates:

Select the menu File.

Choose option New...

For the use of templates we can't use the button New botón nuevo of the tool bar.

Click on link botón En mi PC... in the task panel New Book.

Select the tab * Spreadsheet solutions.

The templates istalled will be displayed. If they are not, Excel2003 will have to be installed again with the activated templates options.

Select the type of template you wish, such as Invoice or Expenditure Report.

Click on the button OK.

Excel will probably inform you of what macros you can use with template and finally a copy of the model you have chosen will be displayed.

Fill in the template.

When you save your model, the box Save as will appear so you can keep the original template.


Creating Templates.


To create a template, follow these steps:

First create a workbook with all the data and formats that will be common to all the workbooks created from the template.

Select menu File.

Choose option Save as...

Type the template name in the text box File name.

Click on the box Save as type, just click on the arrow on the right for the dropdown list to be displayed and choose the option Template.

Click on the button OK.

Excel2003 goes straight to the templates folder, so your new template is always available when you select the option New... in the File menu.


More options in the New Book Bar.


Whe you select the option New... in the menu File the task panel New Book that we have already mentioned will appear:

panel nuevo libro

In this tool bar there are different links, according to the new book you wish to create. You may use:

botón libro nuevo...           to start a new and empty book.


botón libro existente... to use an already created book as template for a new one.


 buscar plantillas     to search temlates on line according to an specific description. This is a new feature in Excel2003

 buscar plantillas en linea              to search templates on line. In Microsoft site you can find a large amount of templates. This is a new feature in Excel2003

botón En mi PC... to use already created templates as we have explained above.


buscar en mis Webs... to explore folders and files in web servers, local disc and net folders.  This is a new feature in Excel2003.

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