Unit 3. Advance. More options for saving workbooks

We will see in detail what options are available in Excel2003 for saving a workbook, for instances, the creation of backups or the protection of workbooks:


Buttons for dialogue box Save As


When we open the dialogue box Save as several buttons will appear at the top. This is how they work:

cuadro diálogo - guardar como

Backwards  This button will only be available when we have changed file and it will make it possible to return, that is to say, go back to the file previously open.

subir nivel  This will allow us to go to the previous level. If we are, for example, in My documents file, because it is in the hard disc C:, it will take us directly to it.

borrar archivo It allows us to delete a file previuosly selected from the list

crear carpeta  It allows us to create a new file inside the one already open. The new file will have to be given an specific name.

cambiar vista It allows us to change how the file list is dispalyed. When we click on the right hand side arrow, we can select any of the following:

Small icons: to see only the file names with their small icons.

large icons: to see only file names with large icons

List: to see only file names

Details: to see also, apart from the file name, the size, type and date of modification

Properties to have a series of file properties shown on the right hand side of the square, according to the file selected.

Preview: to see on the right hand side of the square a view of the selected file.


Creating automatic backups


We can always make copies of our files in case something goes wrong with the originals. In order to do that:

Select the menu File and choose option Save as...

Then click on the arrow on the right side of the button botón herramientas.

Select option General options...

The dialogue box Save options will appear on the right

Activate square Always create backup.

Click on the button OK to close the option box, click again on the button OK to close the dialogue box Save as.

opciones para guardar

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