Intelligent menus

Menus are intelligent because they adapt to the needs of the user

How do they work?

Initially, when we open Excel2003 menus only contain those commands most frequently used, instead of containing all the commands. In this way menus are simpler

In order to have access to the rest of commands you must go to the last button and you will obtain the full menu, but those commands that did not appear before will show in a lighter colour

If we do this operation on the menu View it will enlarge; if we select the option Header and Footer, next time we open the menu View the command Header and Footer will appear incorporated

That is to say, when you use a comand that is not in the initial menu it gets incorporated to it from that moment

This feature has as its objective to make the use of dropdown menus easier: only the commands most frequently used will appear plus those that we have used, instead of a long list with commands that we hardly ever use.

However, if we decide that it is more convenient that menus include all the options, all we have to do is to go to the menu Customize (in ViewToolbars), tab Options and we should activate the square Always show full menus.

In this screen, if we select the intelligent feature of menus we can also activate the square Show full menus after a short delay for the full menu to be unfolded without having to press the last button 


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