Unit 5. Establishing Web Links

Link format


In general, text with a link associated appears underlined. At the same time, it can be displayed in three different colors, and these can be specified through the Page properties.These three different colors are assigned to the link (the first time you see it), to the active link and to the visited one.

Here is an example:



When the link is defined over an image, you can see a dotted outline when you click on it. When the link is defined over an image zone (map), you can see the outline of this zone in the Dreamweaver design view.

The following images are examples:

As you can see, the second image link has an square around it. This is because the Border field on the properties inspector of the image, has a value of 1. For the first image it's 0.

The Border field allows you to add a border to an image, independently of whether this is going to contain a link or not.

If you choose 0, you won't see any border, because this indicates that the line's width of the outline is 0. You can make a thicker outline by increasing the value of the Border field.

If the link is associated to a text or an image, the pointer changes its shape when it's placed over the link. It again takes the shape of a pointing hand.

Linking to an e-mail


You can specify links for e-mail addresses too. This is useful when you want web users to contact you.

The sintax of the link in this case is mailto:e-mailaddress.

It can be defined through the Link option of the properties inspector, having previously selected the desired linked text or image.

It's also possible through the Insert menu, and then selecting the Email link option.

In this case it is not possible to assign the link to an image, it only allows us to introduce the text which will contain the e-mail link.

To practice you can perform the Step by step exercise on Creating an email link.

Occassionally there can be Broken links in our site. If you don't know what they are or how to solve them you can consult it here .


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