Unit 1. Dreamweaver 8 Basics (IV)

Now we're going to change the format of the text. For this you need to visualize the properties inspector, normally found in the inferior part of the window, and has the following aspect:

If it doesn't show, you can view it through the Window menu, and clicking on the Properties option.

If only the title of the panel is displayed, it is because it's contracted. To expand the panel click on the button , next to the name.

Select the first line of text and change the Format to "Heading 1" and color to "#404890", the way it is in the following image.

After this, the appearance of the first line will have changed. Now select the image and the two last lines of text. Click on the button to center them.

Once you have centered the image and the two other lines, select the second line of text that has not yet been modified. Change the Format to "Heading 3", click once on the button and click three times on the button.

Select the last line again, and in Link type "http://www.teacherclick.com", to create a link to this Page:

Finally, save the document. You already know that you can do it through the File menu,and then selecting the Save option.

You can name the document as you wish, but consider that the extension has to be htm or html.

For example, you can call it "test1.htm".


After all these steps, you can see the Page with the new Format by pressing the F12 key.

If you click here you will be able to see how the Page should be displayed after you followed all the previous steps. Compare this Page with yours, to see if you have made it all properly.

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