Unit 1.  Dreamweaver 8 Basics

So now that you have an idea of how Dreamweaver works, we're going to create a simple web Page, with several text styles, an image, and a link to another Page. To create this single Page will take you a few minutes, and you will know how to work with the basic elements with which most Web Pages are made. If you have never made a Web Page, this is the moment to discover how easy it is.

My first Page


The first thing you need to do is to open Dreamweaver. You have already seen how to do this in the previous Page. Then open a new document and select the Category Basic Page, HTML.

Next, type the text that appears in the following image in the blank document.


Once you type the text, we're going to modify the title and the background color of the document. For this you must click on the Modify menu and select the Page Properties option. Then a window will be opened like the one appearing below.

Change the title for My first page.

In Background color type #CCCCFF, this way the background color of the document will be blue.

Next, click on the OK button.

Now you are going to insert an image. For this, it has to be accessible in your hard drive, on a CD-ROM, or a floppy disk, but preferably in the hard drive.

Many of the images that we see in the Internet can be copied to your hard drive. By right-clicking on the image a window opens with the option to Save image as... (it depends on the browser that you use, but it will be similar). That allows you to save this image in a file on your hard drive.

In the most modern browsers when placing the cursor over an image these icons appear in a corner of the image, if you click in the icon of the floppy the same menu Save image as... will appear, which we previously have made reference to.

Copy the image that appears next, so you can insert it later in the web Page that we're creating. You can keep it, for example, in My Documents folder.



Now you must insert the image underneath the second line of text. For this, place the cursor at the end of the second line and press intro (enter) to go to a new line. Later you must go to the Insert menu, and then to the Image option.

In the new window that appears, you will have to look for the folder in which you had saved the image.


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