Unit 14. Others features (I)

Let's look at a set of elements that are usually found in web sites, such as marquees, counters, and update datse.


Marquees are text, images, or a combination of them. They can be moved inside the window in a linear way. Below we have an example of a marquee.


Welcome to Dog and Cats


Marquees cannot be inserted with the Dreamweaver graphics editor, you need to do it through code.

To create a marquee you need to insert the <MARQUEE> and </MARQUEE> labels. Between this labels you need to introduce the elements that you want inside the marquee.

You can also specify some of the characteristics of the marquee. The marquee is moved from right to left indefinitely by default, but you can make this properties vary if you want. For example, if you write <marquee behavior="slide">, the marquee will only move once and then will stop.

If you write <marquee behavior="alternate">, instead of moving continuously, the marquee will move from side to side in the window, like bouncing in the extremes, just as it happened in the previous example whose code you can see next:

<marquee behavior="alternate">

Welcome to Dogs and Cats

<img src="images/logo_animales.gif">



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