Step by step exercise. Unit 6 Inserting an image



To Practice the operations used to insert an image.

1 You need to open Dreamweaver in order to perform the exercise.

2 If the File panel doesn't show up, open it through Window menu, and then the Files option.

3 Select Animals in the Files panel.

4 Click twice on menu.htm document, found in the Files panel.

The document will be opened in Dreamweaver.

5 Insert a blank line upon the text Contact e-mail, and place the mouse in the new line.

6 Click on the Insert menu.

7 Select the Image option.

8 Select the logo_animals.gif image, found inside the images site folder.

9 In Relative to: - select the Document option.

10 Click on the OK button.

11 Click outside of the image to deselect it and to apply the changes.

12 Press F12 to see the results in your browser.

13 Close the browser window.

14 Click on the Save button on the standard toolbar.