Step by step exercise. Unit 3. Creating a new document and modifying its properties.



To Practice the operations used to create a new html document and configure the Page properties..


1 You first need to start the Dreamweaver program in order to do the exercise.

2 Open the File menu and select the New option, or just click on the button of the tool bar.

3 Select the General tab option in the new window.

4 Select the Basic Page option in Category.

5 Select the HTML option in Basic Page:.

6 Click on Create button.

7 As from this moment we're going to do all the exercices in design view. Click on Show design view button .

8 Right-click on the blank document to open its contextual menu.

9 Select the Page properties option from the contextual menu.

10 In Title write Dogs cats .

11 In Background: write #CCCC99.

12 In Links: write - #CC6600.

13 In Visited links: - write #CC9933.

14 In Active links: - write #CC9966.

15 Click on the Accept button.

16 Click on the Save button of the tool bar. Save the document under the name menu.htm inside of the animals folder of the previous exercise.