Step by step exercise. Unit 14. Inserting a horizontal rule.



To Practice how to insert an horizontal rule.

1 You need to open the Dreamweaver program in order to perform the exercise.

2 If the Files panel doesn't show up, open it through the Window menu, and then the Files option.

3 Select the Animals site in the Files panel.

4 Double-click on the start.htm file, located in the Files panel.

The document will be opened in Dreamweaver.

5 Place the mouse to the right of the Start text, in the document's top side.

6 Click on the Insert menu.

7 Select the HTML option, and then Horizontal Rule.

8 Click on the Save button on the tool bar.

9 Open the frames.htm file in a browser, and compare the page you have created with the one you see by clicking here.

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