Step by step exercise. Unit 12. Inserting a Layer



To Practice the procedures used to insert a layer and to modify its properties .

1 You need to open Dreamweaver in order to do the exercise.

2 If the Files panel doesn't show up, open it through the Window menu, and then the Files option.

3 Select the Animals site in the Files panel.

4 Click twice on the cats.htm file, found in the Files panel.

The document will be opened in Dreamweaver.

5 If the properties inspector doesn't show up, open it through Window menu, and then the Properties option.

6 Click on the empty line below the table.

7 Click on the Insert menu.

8 Select the Layout Objects option, and then select Layer.

9 Click inside the layer.

10 In Format - select Paragraph.

11 In Size - write 4.

12 Click on Center Align .

13 Insert a new line.

Write He is Golfus and is from Valencia under the new line.

Below that, write Close.

14 Insert a new line between the last two lines, we are going to insert a image here.

15 Click on the Insert menu.

16 Select the Image option.

17 Select the cat1.gif image, found in the site's image folder.

18 Click on OK.

19 Click on the icon to select the layer.

20 In Layer ID, of the properties inspector, write catweek.

21 In L - write 10px.

22 In T - write 69px.

23 In W - write 320px.

24 In H - write 320px.

25 In Bg color - write#FFCC66.

26 In Vis - select hidden.

27 Click outside the layer to unselect it and let the changes be applied.

28 Click on the Save button on the standard toolbar.