Step by step exercise. Unit 11. Creating a template



To Practice the procedures used to create templates from an existing file.


1 You need to open Dreamweaver in order to perform the exercise.

2 If the Files panel doesn't show up, open it through the Window menu, and then the Files option.

3 Select the Animals site in the Files panel.

4 Click twice on template.htm file in the Files panel.

The document will be opened in Dreamweaver.

5 Click on the Save as template option of the File menu. A new window will be opened.

6 In Site: select Animals.

7 In Save as: write animalstemplate.

8 Click on the Save button. The opened file in Dreamweaver will be the template.

9 Place the mouse in the table first cell.

10 Click on the Insert menu.

11 Select the Template objects option.

12 Select the Editable Region option .

13 In Name: write Title.

14 Click on the Accept button.

15 Place the mouse below the table.

16 Click on the Insert menu.

17 Select the Template Objects option.

18 Select the option Editable Region.

19 In Name: write File Region.

20 Click on the Accept button.

21 Click on the Save button of the tool bar. We have already created our template.

Now we are going to create files based on the template.

22 Open a blank file.

23 Click on the Modify menu, then Templates, and then the Apply template to page option.

24 Select the animalstemplate template .

25 Check Update page when template changes.

26 Click on the Select button.

27 Write title Page 1 in the editable zone.

28 Write File Region This is the first page in the editable zone.

29 Save the file as pag1.htm.

30 Repeat steps 22 to 28, substituting Page1 for Page2 and This is the first page for This is the second page.

31 Save the file as pag2.htm.

32 Check the pages Pag1.htm and Pag2.htm in your browser.

We are now going to change the template.

33 Click on the Window menu.

34 Select the Actives option.

35 If the templates list doen't show up click on the icon.

36 Select the animalstemplates template .

37 Click on the icon.

38 In page properties select the #33CCFF color as backgorund color.

39 Click on the Save button of the tool bar. We have changed the templates background color.

40 Check pages Pag1.htm y Pag2.htm in your browser. And check that without changing these pages, they have now changed their background color, and have been automatically updated by updating the template.

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