The CSS Panel (II)

Create a new style


To create a new style inside a sheet, we select the sheet in the Styles panel and click on the button which is used to create a new style in the selected style sheet, or in a new one.

This window appear:

In this window you can specify the Name of the style, (without spaces and starting with a dot).

In Class you can specify whether the style is going to be a personal one. In Tag you can modify an existing label attribute, and in Name the HTML labels list that could be redefined, such as BODY, A, FORM, TABLE, etc. Advanced allows us to redefine the format of a labels' combination.

In Define in: it's determined whether the style is added to the style sheet of the document (This document only), or if a new style sheet is added (New Style Sheet File).

After clicking on the OK button, you will see a window like this one, and you will define the style:

By selecting several categories you can specify different properties, many of them could not have been selected through the Properties panel. For example, through the Background category, you can specify the background color for a text paragraph or for the entire page.


Managing CSS Styles


To Modify a previously created style, you need to select the style to modify in the list of styles of the panel, and click on the button, and the window already described will be opened.

We can also open this window right-clicking on the style in the CSS panel and then selecting the Edit option in the menu. It is possible to edit it directly on the grid as well, which is a more effective and a faster way.

point3 When you want to delete a style from a style sheet, select the style from the list in the panel and click on the erase button.

As you can see, it's very easy to work with CSS Styles.


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