Verifying the size for optimized loading

If the Page have many elements (images, tables, etc) and these are too big, it might possibly take too much time to download. This isn't a good idea, as users can become impatient and never visit our Page again.

It's very important to try to diminish the time that takes to download the objects of the Page.

Dreamweaver lets us automatically calculate the time that it takes for the Pages to download. To view this, you just have to go to the Edit menu, and then to the Preferences option.

In this new window select a Category. In this case Status Bar.

Then you will have to select a Connection speed.

The normal modem connection speed is 56,0 Kbps, but we can select a different speed, if for example we think that most of our potential clients have faster connections.

Once a connection speed is established, and the changes accepted, Dreamweaver will calculate the size and the downloading time of the Pages from the connection speed.

Consider that the downloading time of a single Page is not only calculated from the size of that Page on the hard drive, but there is also a need to consider the size of the images and of the rest of the elements that appear in it.

When the document window of Dreamweaver is open on a Page, it will show the size and its downloading time in the status bar.

For example, the Page seen below has a downloading size of 19K, and its estimated downloading time is 5 seconds, this will be show in the status bar of the document window above the panel of properties, represented by 19K/5s.