Customizing the work area (I)

Change the look of the Object Panel.


It's possible to change the appearance of the object panel, you can display it as tabs, as it appears in the following image:

It can also have this appearance:

To go to the Tabs view to the other you have to click on the button , and select the option Show as Menu.

To return to the Tabs view, drop down the menu (no matter what item is selected) and select the Show as Tabs option.


Rename a group of panels


It's possible to change the name of a group of panels in a simple way. We're going to see how to change the name of the panel of objects.


At the moment the panel is called "Insert", but we want to chage the name to "Inserting". The first thing to do is click with the right button on the area of the name or click on the button , both located in the superior ends of the panel.

Then in the following menu, select the Rename Panel Group... option.


After this a window will be displayed in which you can introduce the new name of the panel.


Changing the panel's layout


Most of the panels and the inspectors are grouped next to others in a same floating window. In order to change the layout of a panel or some of its tabs it's necessary, in the first place, to select the desired panel and tab.

For example, we're going to see how to change to the layout of the Layers tab in the Design panel.

As shown in the image, the Layers tab is already active.

Next click on the button , or right-click on the the name of the panel or on the tab.

To change the group of the panel to another different group it's necessary to go to Group Layers with.

After this, a list of all the panels will appear, and then you will be able to select one of them.

This way, Layers would no longer be grouped with the Design panel, and would appear in the panel you choose.

Changing the keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that allow us to access some options without having to move through the menus. In order to modify the combinations of keys go to the Edit menu, then to the Keyboard Shortcuts option.

In this new window select a command and one of the combinations of the list of Shortcuts, click on the Press key field, and press the wished keys combination, and finally click on the Change button.

It's possible for us not be allowed to modify the combinations of keys of the selected set, being default combinations, so we will be requested to create a modifiable copy of the set.

Consider, also, that you are not allowed to assign a command to a combination of keys that is already assigned to another different one.



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