Unit 9. Interactive Forms (II)

Creating Interactive forms

You can create forms through the Insert menu and then the Form option.

Once you have created the form, it will be presented in the Dreamweaver window as a box with broken red lines, similar to this image on the right side.

You can insert the form elements inside the form, as you know you can insert through the Insert menu and then the Form option.

It's recommendable to use tables to organize the elements of the forms. You will find a better distribution of the form elements using tables, and this make its comprehension easier while improving its appearance.

Validating Interactive forms


The forms validation is used to make the form valid Javascript before sending it, and to make the user fill in the obligatory fields of the form before sending it.

To validate a form, you need to open the Behaviour panel. This panel can be opened through the Window menu and then the Behaviors option, or by pressing Shift+F3.

In this panel you need to unfold the button by clicking on it, and in Show events for, select an actual version from the browser's list. You can choose for example IE 6.0. navigator.

After doing this, you have to unfold the button again, and select the Valid form option, you will have previously selected the form.

A window like this will then be shown where you find all the form elements.


You can select each form element one by one, and specify the required requests.

You can establish an obligatory filling field, whether it's content is numeric, an e-mail address, etc.


To practice you can perform the Step by step exercise in Inserting elements in an interactive form

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