Unit 6. Inserting Images (III)

Flash text

Flash text is like the rollover, but instead of interchanging images, it interchanges the colour of the text.

To insert a flash text you need to go to the Insert menu, Media, and Flash Text.

In the new window, next to the text, the link, and the name with which the text will be saved, you need to specify the original colour as well as the rollover colour.

Here, there is an example of flash text. Place the pointer over it to see what happens.


The properties inspector for the flash text is the same of the flash button.

The Navigation bar


A navigation bar is a set of images that are used like menu options to navigate within the Web. A single web page can contain only one navigation bar.

To insert a browser bar you need to go to the Insert menu, Image Objects, and the Navigation Bar option.

In the new window you can specify four different images for each button as well as the link for each one, etc.

Through the buttons in the top of the window you can create or clear buttons on the navigation bar. With you can create a new button, with you clear the selected button, and with you can modify the position of the selected button.

Next, there is an example of a navigation bar. To create it, the same images have been used for all the buttons, but, as you can see, the middle button has a different image to the other two. This is because the option Show "Down image" initially was activated for this button. Place the pointer over the different buttons and click to see what happens.




There are four different images, so you can identify which link is activated, something that you can't do with a rollover.

Through the Insert option it's possible to specify if the buttons that will be horizontal or vertical in the Page.

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