Unit 2. The Dreamweaver Interface (II)

Document views

You can change the view of the document through the document toolbar.

Design View

The Design view allows you to work with the visual editor. It's the predetermined view of Dreamweaver and the one that is used most of the time.

The code View

The Code view is used to be able to work totally in code programming mode. It doesn't allow you to directly have a visual reference of how the document is being left according to the way the code is modified.

The Split view

The Split view allows you to divide the window into two zones. The superior zone shows the source code, and inferior the visual editor. When a change is made in one of the zones, this change is applied directly on the other.


The Help Guide

Through the Help menu you can:


Go to the help dialog which is very similar to the one of Windows where you can search by subject, index, or content, you can select the Using Dreamweaver option or press F1.

Open tutorials (Getting Started and Tutorials option).

Open the Reference panel in which you will find the syntax and the description of HTML tags .

Go to the Dreamweaver Support Center in the Macromedia Web.

Go to the Macromedia Online Forums.

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