Unit 1. Dreamweaver MX 2004 Basics (I)

Introducing Dreamweaver MX 2004


Dreamweaver MX 2004 is a easy to use software that allows you to create professional web Pages .

The visual edition functions of Dreamweaver MX 2004 allow one to quickly add design and functionality to the Pages, without the necessity to program HTML code manually.

It's possible to create tables, edit frames, work with layers, insert Javascript behaviors, etc., in a very simple and visual form.

In addition, it includes a complete FTP client software, allowing amongst other things to work with visual maps of the Web sites, and updating the Web site in the server without leaving the program.

In order to follow this course you can download the trial version of Dreamweaver from the Macromedia Page, this version expires after 30 days, but you can surely at some stage bring yourself to buy the full version of this wonderful programme.

If you don't know the basic HTML characteristics you can see them here.

Editing a Web Page


Any text editor allows you to create web Pages. It's only necessary to create documents with HTML or htm extensions, and to include the HTML code that we want. Even the Notepad can be used to do it.

But to create Web Pages with HTML code is more expensive than using a graphical editor. Not using a graphical editor it is much more difficult to insert each one of the elements of the Page, and at the same time it is more complicated to create a professional appearance for the Page.

Nowadays a wide range of of web Page editors exist. One of the most commonly used, and emphasized by its simplicity and the numerous functions that it includes, is Macromedia Dreamweaver.



In addition to Dreamweaver, another series of good editors of web Pages exists, such as Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Pagemill, Adobe GoLive, NetObjects Fusion, CutePage, HotDog Proffesional, Netscape Composer and Arachnophilia, some of which have the advantage of being free.

Planning your site online


In order to be able to put a web Page on the Internet, it's necessary to contract a web hosting company with servers that make your web site available to others on the internet the 24 hours a day. The price to have your own space on the servers will depend on the company, the space on disc, volume of transference and other options that you can ask for.

There are companies that offer this service for free, but with certain limitations: little disc space, slowness and name of our Page preceded by the one of theirs etc... It's necessary to also consider that these companies must generate income in some form i.e the reason why they are dedicated to sell advertising spaces within our Pages, publicity that we'll not be able to avoid including in our web Pages.

For these reasons, it isn't recommended to use free hosting for the Page of a company, although it is acceptable for a personal Page.

When we are going to contract a web hosting service it is necessary to also contract a domain, a task which usually is in the charge of the hosting company. To register a domain consists of registering a name for our Page. This name cannot be repeated in Internet, has to be unique, as happens with the names of the companies.It's possible to register a same name with different completions, like for example, .net, .org, .es, or .com.

In the case of free hosting it isn't necessary to register a domain, since our Page will not be more than a file within the one of the contracted company.

At the time of contracting a web hosting service it is also necessary to consider the number of email accounts and whether we will have a database, although this last one will be useful only for advanced users.

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