Unit 14. Other Features (II)

Setting the Date


Dreamweaver allows you to easily insert the last date of modification of the pages.

When you modify a page in which this type of date has been inserted, it'll be automatically updated with the system date.

It is convenient to insert the modification date when the page contains constantly updated data, this way the users know the last data update. But in the case of much time passing without updating, it's better to not include the modifying date.

To insert the date you need to go to Insert menu, and then the Date option.

In the new window it's possible to establish the date format, and the option of automatically updating when the file is modified and saved.



Horizontal Rule


Horizontal rule is the element used to separate sections inside the page. A horizontal rule is just an horizontal line.

To insert a rule you need to go to the Insert menu, then the HTML option, and then Horizontal rule option.

The Properties inspector for the rules is as follows:


You can modify the rules appearance through its fields. Next there are 4 examples of horizontal rules.

These rules only differenciate in H (height) and Shading fields. The first two, for example, don't have Shading field activated, whilst the other two do.


To practice you can perform the Step by step exercise on Inserting an horizontal rule

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