Unit 11. Using Dreamweaver Templates (III)

Using the templates


The use of templates can be a bit complicated at the begining. We're going to see how to base a blank site in a template, the fact that it is empty makes it easier.

Once opened the file, you have to go to Modify menu, Templates, Apply template to Page.

Before doing this, it's preferible that we are sure the file opened in Dreamwaver is the same we're going to work with and the same as that in which the template is that we want to base it on.

After clicking on the Apply option, in Template to Page you see a window like the one at the right, in which you need to select one of the templates from the list of templates site.

It's recommendable to activate the Update page when template changes option, in order to make the page be automatically updated in case of modifying the template in which it's based.


Instead of being working an empty file, its possible when you apply the template they appear names of no coincident regions between the blank document and the template. In that case a window like this is shown.

In this window you have to establish a correspondance between the region name of the blank file and the region name of any template.

In this example, the blank file region which didn't coincide with any template region was the Document body region.

In the Move content to the new region the head region of the template has been selected in order to establish the needed correspondance.

After establishing the correspondance, the template is downloaded in the blank file.

In this case that it is not possible to change the background colour of the template, you can still change all the elements of the table and form, them being in a editable template zone.

In this case you can change the font, the cells colour, combine them, etc.

If you want a page to stop being based on a template, you have to go to Modify menu, then the Templates option, and Separe template.

When you separate a page from a template, the page content is still the same as when it was based on a template, but without the restrictions established by the template.


To practice the different elements you can perform the Step by step exercise in Creating a template

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