Unit 11. Using Dreamweaver Templates (II)

Editable zones.


All of the elements of a template are blocked by defect, and they can therefore not be modified.

It is necessary to establish the zones that can be edited in the pages based on this template.

To edit a template you have to open it in Dreamweaver. A way to open it is through the Assets panel by double-clicking on it, or by selecting it and clicking on the button, as we have just seen.

Once the template is open it's possible to establish its properties through Page properties .

As you can remember, it can opened it this way:

Pressing a combination of the Ctrl+J keys.

Clic on the Modify menu and select the Page properties option.

Right clicking on the opened file in Dreamweaver and in the contextual menu that you see when you select the Page properties option.

To insert an editable zone you need to place the mouse in the place in which you want to insert, and then go to Insert menu, Templates objects , and then the Editable zone option, or press the combination of the Ctrl+Alt+V keys..

In the new window you need to establish a Name for the editable zone.

There cannot be two editable zones inside the template with the same name.

After this you can modify the name through the properties inspector of the editable zone.


An Editable zone is represented in Dreamweaver as a window with a blue label. The name of the editable zone appears in the label.

You can insert objects inside the window, and they will be appear by defect in files based on templates. The objects inside the editable zone can be modified.

All the objects of these editable zones will be in the site, but they will not be able to be changed.

In this case, the aucLalic logotype image would be in all sites based in this template, while everything inserted inside the editable zone EmailForm could not.


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