Unit 10. Adding Multimedía Elements (II)

Movies and Video Files


If we're interested in inserting a video in a web site, we need to know that the video occupies much space, and so they can take a long time to download.

Video formats that are commonly used onthe internet are AVI, MPEG and MOV.

To insert a video file in a document you have to go to the Insert menu, Medía, and Plug-in option .

On the right you have an example of a video file, for which the video colours are shown. You can reproduce it by pressing the video controls.

The Properties inspector treats the inserted video files in this way - the same as audio files, both are inserted as Plug-in.

Videos are also reproduced automatically when the page loads, and they are reproduced only once. These values can be changed through the code, the same way as in the case of audio files, adding autostart="false" and loop="true".

All objects inserted through the Plug-in option need the user have a player installed or an appropiated plug-in to reproduce them. In the Src field of properties inspector the linked file (video or audio file) is established that has to be reproduced.

In case the user doesn't have the required plug-in installed, a Page can be established in Plg URL field where it can be found.

To practice you can perform the Step by step exercise in Inserting an audio file.

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