Exercises Unit 9. Working with interactive forms

If you don't have Dreamweaver open yet, open it in order to perform the following exercises.

Exercise 1: Sports.

1 Open the Sports site .

2 Open the reservations.htm document.

3 Insert a Text field to the right of the Hour text, with a Char width of 5.

4 Insert a menu to the right of the Center text, whose elements are:

Don Benito



5 As the initially selected value click on Don Benito from the menu.

6 On the left of the Submit button insert a Reset form button.

7 Save the changes and close the document.

Exercise 2: Kitchen.

1 Open the Kitchen site.

2 Open the yourrecipe.htm document.

3 Insert a menu to the right of the Type text, whose elements are:



4 Select Dish as Initialy selected value.

5 Insert a Text area in the empty cell below the Ingredients text. With a Char width of 40, number of lines 5, and a default Wrap.

6 Insert a Submit button to the right of the Clear button.

7 Save the changes and close the document.

If you are unsure of how to perform any of the operations in the previous exercises, we will explain them to you Here.

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