Step by step exercise. Unit 4. Creating the class style.



To practice the operations required to create a class style and apply it to a paragraph.


1 You need to open the Dreamweaver program in order to perform the exercise.

2 If the Files panel doesn't show up, open it through Window menu, and then the Files option.

3 Select the Animals site in Files panel.

4 Click on the cats.htm document, found in the Files panel. The file will be opened in Dreamweaver.

5 Select the word cats, which is at the beginning of the document.

In the Properties panel, introduce the following changes:

6 In Color - write #663300.

7 Click on the Bold button.

8 Click on the Italic button.

9 In Format choose Heading 1.

The Page doesn't have a definied style, so you create the first this way:

10 In Style - choose Manage Styles ...

11 In the dialog square Edit styles fold that appears, click on the New button.

12 In the window shown, write Animalstitle in Name:.

13 Select Only this document option, from the Define in option:

14 Click on Accept.

15 Click on Accept. We're not going to modify the styles properties.

16 Click on Done.

When the Page already has a defined style, it is easier to define a new style:

17 Select the phrase Press on the image to see the cat week, that is underneath the image.

In the Properties panel introduce the following changes:

18 In Color - choose the color you prefer.

You will see that in Style square it's shown the name: Style1.

19 Unfold the square list Style and choose Change name...

20 In the window that comes up, write Note as the new name and click Accept.

If you want to verify that the new style has been added:

21 Select in Text menu, Styles CSS option, You will see the new style: Notes.

To re-establish the phrase without the style Notes:

22 Select the phrase Click on the image to see the cat week.

23 Unfold the list of the square Style and choose None.

The phrase will have been turned into its original colour.

24 Click on the Save button on the tool bar.

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