Step by step exercise. Creating a local web site



To Practice the operations used to create a site web while being offline.

In each theme there are step by step exercises and proposed exercises, in both cases it's important that you do the exercices in order and don't skip any. These exercises are designed to build a complete web Page, and if you try to do an exercise having skipped the previous one, you might not see a logical result or you just might not be able to do it.


1 If it is the first time you do this exercise, download this file and extract all files, in My documents folder of your hard disk.

2 You need to open the Dreamweaver program in order to perform the exercise.

3 Click on Site menu.

4 Select the Manage sites option, and a window will be opened.

5. Select the New... button and click on Site menu. A new window will be opened.

5 Select the Advanced tab in the new window.

6 Select the Local info inside Category.

7 In the Site name write Animals.

8 In the Local Root folder look for the animals folders located inside exercicesdream folder and select it. You can do it through the button that has a folder shape.

9 In the Default images folder look for the images folder which is located inside the animals folder and select it. You can do it through the button that has a folder shape.

10 Click on Accept and then click on Done.

As from this moment, whilst doing the exercises step by step, we're going to create a Page like the one you will see if you click here.

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