Step by step exercise. Unit 10. Inserting an audio file.



To Practice how to insert an audio file and make it reproduce indefinitely in a loop while hiding the audio controls.


1 You need to open the Dreamweaver program in order to perform the exercise.

2 If the Files panel doesn't show up, open it through the Window menu and then the Files option.

4 Double-click on the menu.htm file found in the Files panel.

The document will be opened in Dreamweaver.

5 If the properties inspector doesn't show up, open it through the Window menu and then the Properties option.

6 Insert a blank line below the Suggestions e-mail text, and place the mouse in this line.

7 Click on Insert menu.

8 Select the Media option .

9 Select the Plugin option.

10 Select audioanimals.MID file, located inside the site others folder.

11 Click on the image to select the audio file.

12 In W, of properties inspector , write 0.

13 In H write 0.

14 Click on the Show code and design views button to check the page's code.

15 In the selected line loop="true", resulting:

<embed src="others/audioanimals.MID" width="0" height="0" loop="true"></embed>.

16 Click on the Show design view button to view only the visual editor.

17 Click outside the image that represents the audio file to apply the last changes.

18 Click on the Save button of the tool bar.

19 View the page in your browser.

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