Arranging two sessions

Here we'll explain how to be able to have the screen split into two parts, one with the course and another with Dreamweaver MX 2004.

1 Open the session with the course on Internet Explorer.

2 Open the session of Dreamweaver MX 2004.

3 Right-click on any empty part of the taskbar in the inferior part of the Windows desktop. This is the bar in which the Start button is situated.

4 Select Tile Windows Verticaly.

Observe how the screen has been divided in two parts as seen in the figure below:

5 Once we have the two sessions with the right size, we can select from one to the other with a clic of the mouse.

To return the window to its normal size, click on the maximize button.

This might be great with big monitors (of 17 "or more), while with small monitors you might prefer to leave the window in its normal size and to change from one to another by pressing the keys Alt + Tab (maintaining Alt depressed and pressing the tab key) or by clicking the button corresponding to the session in the taskbar.


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