Broken links

Broken links verification


Broken links are links that do not follow a valid path, or that connect with nonexistent files.

Those broken links are not recommendable because they produce errors and make it difficult for users to browse our site.

To verify whether there are any Broken links in our site we have to go to Check links.

You can open it through the Files panel. You already know that the Files panel can be opened via Window menu, and then Files option, or pressing F8 key.

Once the Files panel is open , you need to go to and in the drop-down menu select File and then the Check links option, or press the Shift+F8 keys.

Then the new panel is shown, in which it's possible to verify whether there are any broken links.

The first thing to do is click on the button , and you can then select where to verify the broken links. They could be in the Current document, in The Entire site, or in the files or folders of the selected site.

In the Show option you need to specify whether Broken links have to be shown, the External Links or Orphaned Files.

Broken Links are links that do not follow a valid path or that connect with nonexistent archives. .

External Links are links to a documents which are located outside of the site, but that are not necessary incompatible. It doesn't verify whether these links are correct or not, it just enumerates them.

Through Orphaned Files all documents of the site that are not being vinculated by others are shown whilst they are not linked to other documents. These documents are sometimes not being used, and are just wasting valuable space in the drive.

Of these three kind of links, we're going to focus on Broken links . All documents that have a broken link are going to be in the panel, and the document which each one of this links will make a reference.

Repairing broken links


There are two ways to fix broken links:

The first way is to click twice on the document name in the files panel list and it will be opened. It's then possible to find the faulty link in the document and to modify it through the Properties Inspector.

The other way is to click on the broken link instead of the file's name. In this case you can modify the document's name directly in the panel or look for it by clicking on the icon that looks like a folder appearing on the right hand side.




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