Using the wizard to define a website (II)

By clicking on the Next button you will go to the next window in which it's now possible to specify the remote site.


In first place you need to specify the connection type. It's common to use the FTP connection , created for the transference of files by Internet. Lets see which options need to be specified in case of choosing an FTP connection.

Another thing you must specify is the server name or the address which will be the host of the remote site. Each PC has an IP address associated to it , which identifies you on the web. At the same time, this address can have a name associated, this makes it easier to remember than a number. This data is given by the server's company in which your site is hosted.

After this, the directory in which the server's remote site will be located has to be specified.

Finally you have to identify. The server can't allow access to its directories to any person/s, and let the person/s modify archives which do not belong to them. Each person will have a directory assigned in the hired server, and to access the named folder it will be necessary to introduce a login name and a password. This is specified in the window through the last two fields.

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